I have been using AnyDO since more than a year to plan my tasks. I infact wrote an article in TechDome encouraging others to start using it.

Recently, AnyDO introduced a paid plan for their service — with which I am totally cool. I don’t care about paid plans, as long as the free option is enough for me and they don’t force me to upgrade to the paid plan. Unfortunately that is exactly what AnyDO team did. Continue reading

Last night I had a SSC moment. You don’t know what a “SSC moment” is? Well, that means a “Sudden Clarity Clarence” moment.

It suddenly came to me that the species name “House Elf” mentioned in Harry Potter sounds like the name of a noble house in the Seven Kingdoms in A Song of Ice and Fire series. Continue reading

අම්මාගේ අභාවයෙන් පසු තාත්තාත් මමත් දැන් ජීවත් වන්නේ තාත්තාගේ මවගේ නිවසේය. එයට හේතුව සතියේ දින පහ මා රැකියාව කරන ස්ථානයේ නැවතී සිටීම නිසා තාත්තාට එම දින පහ තනිවම ගෙදර සිටීමට සිදුවන නිසාත්, වයෝවෘද්ධව පසුවන තාත්තගේ අම්මා බලාගැනීම ඇයගේ නිවසේ සිටිත්දී තාත්තාට කළ හැකි වන නිසාත්ය. එම හේතුව නිසා අපේ නිවස දැන් කලක පටන් ඇත්තේ වසා දමා ය. Continue reading

Remember the time I wrote about how Mobitel won’t tell me the correct details about Plum Switch, instead their Matara branch, twitter account and customer care told me different things? Well, sadly, that time of the year has come again!

Without any ado, here’s the email I sent to info@mobitel.lk: Continue reading

In the world of Android, there are many devices for us to choose from. Google develops the core OS and then various device manufacturers take that, modify that to fit their various phones and tablets, (and phablets), and then release it to the market, leaving customers with large number of choices. Having a huge and diverse market like this causes competition within these manufacturers and that’s always so good for consumers and Android eco system.

But there may be some Android lovers who appreciates Apple‘s way of doing it – single choice from one company which does it all.

Obviously that method can’t be implemented with Android, and it never should be, and it never would be.

What I envision is a hybrid system. Continue reading

Are you a heavy Internet user with multiple devices, who can’t use a wireless router because you’re often moving or residing in some other place than where your fixed Internet connection is? Do you have to buy and maintain several mobile Internet connection because you can’t use a single connection for multiple devices at the same time? Plum Switch is the solution for you! Continue reading

CashBase Logo.Most of us really don’t know what happened to our hard earned money at the end of the month. Do you really want to learn where your money goes hiding? I didn’t know either. But now I do, and I can now make decisions before making another expense, and I can know how much money I’ve got in bank and pocket without even going to bank, loging in to bank’s website, or checking pocket. This is all thanks to the service called “CashBase”. Continue reading

The Plum Switch (http://www.plum-mobile.com/models/switch) is a great mobile phone + USB dongle + WiFI hotspot and Mobitel sells it here in Sri Lanka. I wanted to buy one and contacted @MobitelSriLanka in Twitter. After a long conversation I found out that it is network unlocked and available for 9,990LKR. Continue reading

RahulaTV LogoWe, the members of Team|RCMweb did another live webcast of Rahula College‘s cricket bigmatch. The big match was played in Moratuwa De Soysa Stadium, with Pannipitiya Dharmapala College. The match ended in a draw.

This time, Team|RCMweb collaborated with Dharmapala Web TV (The web TV unit of Dharmapala College), and Event Media (The video production team.). The match was webcasted parallel on both RahulaTV and Dharmapala Web TV. Continue reading