A Wasteful Habit

Hm, thinking about bad habits of mine, the first came to my mind was leaving the PC turned on always unless I am asleep or away for a long time.

Even I watched a cricket match or a movie on TV I tend to leave the PC turned on thinking I must check my email account etc time to time. Even I could do that on my phone, I can’t make my mind to turn the PC off.

This habit is reducing my PC’s and router’s life time and consuming electricity. But, nothing to do, I have to leave the PC turned on, just in case I might suddenly need it.

22 thoughts on “A Wasteful Habit

  1. I do that with my laptop. I should probably turn it off. With my desktop, I usually put it into sleep mode. Thanks for the reminder! :)

  2. I like the post picture. LOL Good one! As for the topic, I think it all depends on the environment you have around. I just need to make sure my kids don't have access to my computer because i have that experience which ended up re-installing the whole system. Was not fun at all. Otherwise, honestly, I don't really worry about it.

  3. There are too many things that can happen when you leave your computer on all the time…it could be that during idle time some malware invaded and that's why your site is now coming up blocked. It is a major pain to have to deal with such a problem! I understand though, I did the same thing until I just quit – cold turkey, as they say! The picture is worth 1000 words.

  4. Sometimes it's more of a necessity than it is a wasteful habit. I keep mine on for emails & other live notifications. :-)

  5. Mine is always on until i go to sleep or go away. I am not really sure how much electricity this uses as the machine goes into hibernation after a few minute, but I guess it is more than if I shut it down.

  6. I unplug my adapter when I turn off my computer each night because it continues to draw energy.

  7. Technology is my drug of choice. One of these days I will break the habit, but for now, I am enjoying the ride.

  8. Guilty! I burned a couple of monitors myself leaving the desktop on for hours on end without any activity. It's a bad habit that's hard to break but you can do it. :)

  9. I Know what you are talking about Budhajeewa.My laptop get's the same treatment,sometimes running continuously for 5-6 days.

  10. after burning through two laptops in a year and a half, I learned this lesson the hard and expensive way! I use sleep mode now or I have it set up to start up pretty fast and not load all the other junk at startup. this allows it to boot faster and perform faster. and it allows me to conserve energy and make my machines last a lot longer!

  11. I turn it of when the kids come home and try not to open it until next morning.

  12. I'm doing the same. My laptop is on all the time I'm up, even on trains, in bar and hotels.

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