In the world of Android, there are many devices for us to choose from. Google develops the core OS and then various device manufacturers take that, modify that to fit their various phones and tablets, (and phablets), and then release it to the market, leaving customers with large number of choices. Having a huge and diverse market like this causes competition within these manufacturers and that’s always so good for consumers and Android eco system.

But there may be some Android lovers who appreciates Apple‘s way of doing it – single choice from one company which does it all.

Obviously that method can’t be implemented with Android, and it never should be, and it never would be.

What I envision is a hybrid system.

A hybrid system for Android device manufacturing.

In my envisioned future of Android, companies like Samsung, Sony, Huawei and dozen others will continue introducing various different handsets as they please, like they do now. But I see Motorola doing something else.

As Motorola is now owned by Google, I think Google should continue the Nexus line with Motorola and Motorola only.

As for Nexus phones, Google should introduce 3 of them:

  1. Either “Nexus HD” (High End), “Nexus” (Middle Range), and “Nexus Mini” (Low End).
  2. Or “Nexus” (High End), “Nexus Mini” (Middle Range), and “Nexus Micro” (Low End).
  3. Or something else they’d like. ­čśë

I personally like the first option, but Google can use the second option if they don’t like to have any suffix for the name of their flagship phone. I’ll use the first option withing this post.

“Nexus HD” will be the flagship – it’ll have all the features Google has to offer. Super processor, super memory, super camera, and super everything. This will have the highest price of the three devices,┬átargeting┬áfor the premium users.

“Nexus” will be the device for mid range – everything will be one-step-behind-super. I think this will be the device with most sales.

“Nexus Mini” will be the low end device,┬átargeting┬áthe young market. Specs will be good, still usable, but not as premium as above choices.

Phones are not the only thing in Nexus line; the tablet should be available in two flavors – “Nexus Tab”, and “Nexus Tab Mini”. You get my point, give┬áeverything┬ásuper to Tab while Tab Mini should have one-step-back specs.

Why do we need a hybrid system?

Some people are confused by the high number of choices they face when they try to enter the world of Android. While the higher number is choices is good for some, for others it’s not. Someone like that can simply look at the Nexus line and pick up one from the limited available options.

Google is the one who knows Android best – so it makes sense for them to establish a line like this, just like Apple did. Start developing the OS and hardware at the same time and keep building them together to make them perfect matches. Release new version of the Nexus line every year, include pure Android on them without any manufacturer made skin. Release OS upgrades for them as they become available, we will no longer have to wait for other manufacturers to fill Android with bloatware and put on some ugly make up, before they finally make it available for customers (I am still waiting for JB update on my Sony Xperia P!!!).

If someone don’t like that method, dozens of other manufacturers will still be there.