GoogleGoogle has been the most innovative company out there in the web-sphere for a quite long time. But ts true that even Google may have some things to learn from others, but, when doing so, Google has been very reasonable until now. This time Google has made a step that – at least for me – looks very unagreeable, which is giving users the option to choose background images in Google Search main page!!!

Google SearchAccording to my point of view, Google Search’s simple appearance has done a great job to make it popular and productive as it is today. With the clean white background and search box in the middle of it, our eyes just stick onto the required parts of the page – which is nothing else than the search box itself!  – and all what we have to do is typing the search term and hitting the enter!

Its simpleness helped us to stick into the matter what we really came to Google for. We didn’t have to spend at least a second thinking what the hell is in this background! Search engines are there to perform searches, they are not as good as Picasa for image sharing!

What I see is a blind copy of Bing’s background image thing. Who the hell wanted Google to have background images in their search page? And the funny story is, this background image thing is not yet even fully supported. If you choose to display a background image in the search main page, it is gone as soon as you click the “Search” button; it is not yet supported in search results page. That is very annoying!

Anyway, it is good that this background image thing is just an option. They are not forcing people to see their images like Microsoft does with Bing.

Anyway, I have to say that, I hate to see Google being Binged!