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I ordered a Bluetooth Keyboard with Touchpad from eBay, so that I can connect it to my Sony Xperia P through the USB On-The-Go cable I bought recently. The main reason I wanted a keyboard with a touchpad, is that I can only connect one device to my Sony Xperia P through the USB OTG cable. Due to that reason, I could only use either keyboard or a mouse at a time (I am yet to try a USB Hub with my phone.). So I wanted something that combines keyboard and mouse.

I got mine for 35.98USD, which equals to 4550LKR. I wonder whether these are available in the local market, and if they’re, how much their price will be.

The one I got is basically designed for presentations in front of crowds. It has a built in laser pointer, which works even if the main unit – keyboard and touchpad – is turned off. The orientation of the touchpad can be switched, so that you can easily use it in both horizontal and vertical positions. The keys aren’t particularly easy to type with. You can use your two thumbs to type with, but you can’t use the right thumb as easily as the left one, as it has to deal with the added distance caused by the touchpad. You’re more likely to use your right index finger to type and mouse the mouse pointer, while holding the keyboard in the left hand.

When you’re holding it vertically in your right hand, your thumb will reach the switch for laser pointer easily. It isn’t difficult to use the touch pad with the thumb as well. Of course, that’s more comfortable than you think. However, you’ll have to switch the orientation of the touchpad pressing two keys (Fn+Orientation) before using this vertically.

Front and side views of the Bluetooth Keyboard with Touchpad.
Front and side views of the Bluetooth Keyboard with Touchpad.

This one also has backlighting function for the keyboard keys. So, you can use this without any difficulty in a dark environment. However, it would have been great if there was an illuminated border around the touchpad, so that you can easily see the edge of the touchpad, when you’re using this in a dark place, but in this device, it is a huge black place where a smaller touchpad resides in the middle. But it isn’t hard to feel the edge around the touchpad, so it won’t be a big issue.

Backlighting function of the Bluetooth Keyboard with Touchpad.
Backlighting function of the Bluetooth Keyboard with Touchpad.

You get a small USB dongle to connect to the host device, which I connected to my phone through the USB OTG cable. Android recognized the device as allowed me to use keyboard and touchpad the moment I plugged it in (If you didn’t know, Sony Xperia P displays a mouse pointer when an external pointing device is connected.).

There is a small space in the unit, where you can securely place the USB dongle when you don’t use it, so the risk of losing is minimal.

All in all, I am happy with the device. I only hope the typing would have been easier.

Here are some photos of it:

You can see more photos in this Google+ album:

5 responses to “Bluetooth Keyboard with Touchpad”

  1. Hi,

    Im also thinking of getting a similar keyboard for my xperia P. I just have a few question which I hope you can answer:

    Did you you have to pay tax whenyou bought it in to the Island?

    Is the USB on the go absolutely neccessary and are you sure you cant connect to the Phones built in BLuetooth?

    • Hi Lance,

      I didn’t have to pay any tax for this item. In fact, you don’t hace to pay taxes for most small items like this bought online, when it reaches Sri Lanka.

      I was wrong about this keyboard’s connectivity technology when I wrote the post. Actually I believed I was ordering a Bluetooth keyboard. But turns out that this uses another wireless technology called “2.4G Radio Frequency”.

      When I was browsing eBay for a “Bluetooth keyboard with touchpad”, these are the only type of keyboard I found. Let me know if you managed to find an actual Bluetooth one.

      Come and see my new tech blog TechDome at . I Will be writing tech stuff like this only there in the future.

      Thanks for asking! 🙂

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