How to Point a Domain to LXC using NGINX in Host

If you have a website or a web application in a LXC, you need a way to let people access it. We can do it by assigning a domain to the LXC.

Assign Static Internal IP Addresses to LXC

LXC assigns random internal IP addresses to Containers by default. But it can be hard to refer to them that way. A good practice is to set static IPs.

How to Create Linux Containers in Ubuntu

Here’s how to do it:

Host Laravel in Apache Shared Hosting

Want to host a Laravel application in a shared hosting server, but can’t figure out how to point the domain to the public directory?

Fix Ubuntu Locales Error

Just installed Ubuntu, ran apt-get update and apt-get upgrade to encounter a “perl: warning: Setting locale failed.” error?

“npm start” Doesn’t Work?

If you just cloned a project that uses npm start to compile and run itself, and it doesn’t run, but throws an error about lite-server (Or something like that), being not available, try installing following NodeJS packages globally.

How to freely and properly store your photos in Google Drive

It has been quite a time since Google allowed us to store our photos in Google Photos for free. They recently increased the size of the photos that can be stored for free to 16 Mega Pixels. When they announced that, I decided to back up all my photos to Google Photos. The best thing […]

I Said Goodbye to AnyDO for Google Inbox

I have been using AnyDO since more than a year to plan my tasks. I infact wrote an article in TechDome encouraging others to start using it. Recently, AnyDO introduced a paid plan for their service — with which I am totally cool. I don’t care about paid plans, as long as the free option is enough for me […]

Installing GitLab in your local network or your own PC and setting it up to work perfectly

GitLab is a self hosted GitHub like software. Here I offer you my personal experience in installing and configuring it to work perfectly in a local network.

Will the blogging platform “Ghost” be successful?

“Ghost” is a new blogging platform that intends to be “just a blogging platform”; no more – no less. But will it be successful with it’s many constraints?