`a2way/docker-base-laravel`: A Docker Base Image Specialized for Laravel

A Docker Image specialized for running Laravel PHP framework with Nginx on an Alpine platform.

Docker: Make Files Created Inside Containers Editable Outside

If you develop your projects using Docker, you might have noticed that files created inside the containers are often owned by the root user, and therefore can’t easily be edited outside that container, unless you manually change their ownership.

Creating Multilevel Relationships with Laravel (Including “belongs to many through”!)

Laravel only provide 2 relationship types out of the box, that supports more than one level of related models: hasOneThrough and hasManyThrough. They are not truly “multilevel” either, as they only support two levels.

Host Laravel in Apache Shared Hosting

Want to host a Laravel application in a shared hosting server, but can’t figure out how to point the domain to the public directory?

“npm start” Doesn’t Work?

If you just cloned a project that uses npm start to compile and run itself, and it doesn’t run, but throws an errorĀ about lite-serverĀ (Or something like that), being not available, try installing following NodeJS packages globally.

Installing GitLab in your local network or your own PC and setting it up to work perfectly

GitLab is a self hosted GitHub like software. Here I offer you my personal experience in installing and configuring it to work perfectly in a local network.