Google Doodle for Sri Lankan Independence Day and “Oh, only Sri Lankans can see it. :(“

Google have made a doodle for Sri Lankan Independence Day, which is a good thing. But seems like some of the Sri Lankans I saw in several social networks are disappointed about the fact that the doodle is limited to only Sri Lanka.

The fact that we should understand is that Google has been making country specific doodles since a long time. In fact, they only make global doodles for… of course, globally important events.

Google Doodle for Sri Lankan Independence Day 2013.
Google Doodle for Sri Lankan Independence Day 2013.

You can see the complete list of Google Doodles in See how many of them are country specific and how many are global. So, stop whining “Oh, only Sri Lankans can see it. :(“. Google haven’t been at least making it’s origin country USA’s doodles global just because they can or they stupidly think the rest of the world should care about USA specific matters. How many of you have seen the following doodle, which was dedicated for USA Election Day?

Google Doodle for USA Election Day.
Google Doodle for USA Election Day.


  1. I accept your view about this and you have forgotten to include details about the sri lankan who requested the doodle for the independence day!!

    1. @Ravindu Kularatne: Actually my goal of this post was to discuss about the baseless disappointment some people felt about the fact that the doodle was only a country specific one; and not about the chain of actions which lead to the creation of the doodle.

      Anyway, cheers to everyone who worked to get Google’s attention about the matter.

  2. Your rational is as i perceive it to be a superb approach . BUT I quickly I suggest from an artistic point point of view . I wish that the sword in the lion’s hand (paw) should have been perfectly perpendicular . I say this because the artwork has been executed very ‘seriously ‘ as a serious logo , ( no harm there ) But the ‘odd’ angle of the sword spoils the aesthetic sensibilities of the ‘interpretation’.

    1. @A.P. Hopman: I completely agree with you. The lion’s shape is exactly the one as it is in The Flag of Sri Lanka, except the hand and sword. If they wanted something cartoonish, they shouldn’t have designed the rest of lion’s body so seriously. But as they did so, they should’ve shown the same seriousness with hand and sword as well.

  3. This is the first time the Google has created something for Sri Lanka and I know thousands of Sri Lankans sent request notes to Google to make something for them. We should be happy for what we have and this is a good start. For the other countries, they have their pride and we didnt had our’s. Now we have and lets enjoy we have.

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