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ICC Cricket World Cup 2011A while ago Amitha Amarasinghe published a post called “Cricket World Cup 2011 Will Become the First Ever ‘Social World Cup’” in his blog “Ami’s Space“. There he discussed what are potentials of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 to become the first ever “Social World Cup”, that past world cups hadn’t comparing this year with the past.

Specially, “Social World Cup” here means bringing the influence of cricket fever to the cyber world, as cricket world cup fever is socially spreaded enough already in Indian sub-continent, I guess other major cricketing nations are the same. So, according to Amitha – and your common sense – Internet and it’s media have spreaded all over the world now than ever, even in this Indian sub-continent where cricket is almost a religion. So, when we take these facts together, we see the best opportunity for ICC CWC2011 to be the first ever “Social World Cup”.

As Amitha have already discussed about why this can be made social, I am going to discuss about How to make ICC CWC2011 social.


Openning Ceremony of ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 (CWC2011) at Bangabandhu National Stadium in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Openning Ceremony of ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 (CWC2011) at Bangabandhu National Stadium in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

That is a Twitter hash tag (If you’ve been using Internet for all these time and don’t know what the hell that is, you shouldn’t waste your time reading this. Go play some MiniClip game or try earning some cash by clicking ads in some Bux sites.). And it is for CWC2011.

Yeah, you got me right. I’m inviting you to join the already started conversation about CWC2011 in Twitter.

Yesterday (17) The Opening Ceremony for CWC2011 was held at the Bangabandhu International Stadium in Dhaka, Bangladesh and tweeps started to tweet about The Opening Ceremony right away. They “broadcasted” their own “commentary” on the opening ceremony as each item of the ceremony came and went. Some said “Rocks!” and some said “Sucks!”, but what matters is, all their opinions were heard by others, and replies – retweets passed. Rather unlike than talking to your family or yourself while watching it on TV. One may say they were sitting on the cyber seats of Bangabandhu Stadium, because, like the fans who were sitting on the physical seats of the stadium engaged to the event, tweeps too became a part of it.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so a graphic is worth a million:

Usage of "#CWC2011" Twitter hash-tag during The Opening Ceremony of ICC Cricket World Cup 2011.
Usage of "#CWC2011" Twitter hash-tag during The Opening Ceremony of ICC Cricket World Cup 2011.

You can clearly see how actively tweeps took part in the conversation from this Google Realtime results timeline for the query “#CWC2011”.

As tweets are public and can reach massive audience, it is the best place to engage in a conversation on a international event like this. If you are a cricket loving tweep, you must watch what others are tweeting with #cwc2011 and must tag your CWC2011 related tweets with #cwc2011 hash-tag, so it’ll reach millions of cricket loving tweeps willing to reply or retweet you out there!


Facebook for ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 (CWC2011).It is true that the posts you make in Facebook are limited to your friends – and that is a must security step when using Facebook, as I said in the post called “[Advice] Why Twitter is for finding new friends and Facebook is for keeping-up with them” -. But sharing a picture of your favorite moment of a match or sharing a video of that massive six can trigger a cheery comment thread with opinions of your closest friends.

Don’t forget to reshare and comment on the posts your friends made on CWC2011 too!

Google Buzz

Google Buzz for ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 (CWC2011).Google Buzz has become very popular among many Internet users during the last few months. If you have good cricket lovers in your Google contacts list, go ahead and create a Google Buzz post for today’s match. Invite your friends to take part. Enjoy seeing the ball-by-ball conversation your friends build up there. Although Google Buzz is not a Twitter alternative, it can help you to build up a great conversation out there.

What is more, you can put videos of the match uplaoded to YouTube to the Buzz thread and share pictures too!


YouTube for ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 (CWC2011).Official broadcaster may upload footages of the CWC2011 matches to YouTube, with most loved moments of each game. Go there and join the commentors, have your voice heard! Tell someone why do you think he is wrong, tell someone why do you agree em 100%! That old theory comes again, if picture is worth a thousand words, graphic worth a  million, and a video a billion! 😀


Twitter is the massive stage for your opinion to be heard, agreed and challenged by the entire world. Use Facebook and YouTube to share what you love most of CWC2011 with your friends. Google Buzz will make you able to engage in the conversation with your friends.

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So, what do you think? How are you going to use social media for making your cheer for your favorite cricket team heard? Comments section is yours to talk!

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  1. The world has changed dramatically with the introduction of Social Media Channels such as Twitter, YouTube, G+, FB and similar. I think Twitter with its use of HashTags can promote events like your ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 more efficiently and effectively than ever before. Thanks so much for bringing this to light.

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