Mobitel, double check your printed material OR educate employees about your products!

Remember the time I wrote about how Mobitel won’t tell me the correct details about Plum Switch, instead their Matara branch, twitter account and customer care told me different things? Well, sadly, that time of the year has come again!

Without any ado, here’s the email I sent to



I converted my prepaid voice connection into a postpaid one today. I selected the plan “mPower 390”.


However, I am a little bit confused when it comes to your charge for the data usage.


According to your webpage (;jsessionid=C0DBBD05FBA469B7DC3E16C77AB27542.liferay1 ), in “mPower 390”, “GPRS/EDGE/HSPA Data Rate per MB = 20cents”.


(According to website, in “mPower 390”, 1MB = 0.20LKR.)


According to the leaflet I got from your Matara branch, in “mPower 390”, “GPRS/EDGE/HSPA, 1 Cent per 10kB”. Let’s assume 1MB = 1,000kB.


(According to leaflet, in “mPower 390”, 1MB = 1.00LKR.)


Which is correct? How much do you charge for 1MB in “mPower 390” plan? 0.20LKR (20 cents) or 1.00LKR?


Furthermore, there are more insconsistencies between your website and the leaflet.


1. Leaflet: “mPower 390 – Rs. 300 worth local calls, MMS & SMS. 400MB Data.”.
Website: “mPower 390 – Rs. 300 worth of free local calls, SMS and MMS. Rs. 90 worth of Data (450MB)”.


Note: Data amount is different in two locations


2. Leaflet: “mPower 790 – Rs, 600 worth local calls, MMS & SMS. 800MB Data.”.


Website: “mPower 790 – Rs. 600 worth free local calls, SMS and MMS. Rs. 190 worth of Data (950MB)”.


Note: Data amount is different in two locations


3. In website, it has this note: “The Data Entitlement of each of the package can be used as follows: 1. To access data up to the amount noted within brackets and the Equivalent Rupee Value of the remainder to make local calls send SMS and MMS. 2. To make local calls send SMS and MMS up to the Full Rupee Value mentioned.”. But it isn’t mentioned in the leaflet.


I called 1717 and they told me that the charge for 1MB is 0.20LKR. So, why do you guys print leaflets with false information? Specially when they specify a charge 5 times than what you actually charge?”

Here are proof:

Screenshot from their website:

The leaflet I got:


Why, Mobitel, why?

UPDATE 2013-06-09: It turns out the leaflet given to me by the Matara branch is an old one. They have changed the charges for the plan since printing it.

I posted an article in TechDome writing what I learned about Mobitel’s postpaid plans. Give it a read here:


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