@MobitelSriLanka – The Polycephalic

The Plum Switch (http://www.plum-mobile.com/models/switch) is a great mobile phone + USB dongle + WiFI hotspot and Mobitel sells it here in Sri Lanka. I wanted to buy one and contacted @MobitelSriLanka in Twitter. After a long conversation I found out that it is network unlocked and available for 9,990LKR.

However, just to double check, I called Mobitel Customer Care and the one who initially talked to me didn’t knew anything about the device and took about 5 minutes to ask someone else about the matter. Even after that, she insisted the mobile phone is a Nokia one.

A snake with Polycephaly.
A snake with Polycephaly.

Then I called Matara branch, where I’d be purchasing the device. Fortunately they knew about the existence of Plum Switch, but they told me it is network locked. Not what @MobitelSriLanka said on Twitter.

Having multiple heads with multiple mouths telling completely opposite things confuses existing and potential customers, Mobitel.

See full conversation: https://twitter.com/budhajeewa/status/309531397054410752

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  1. Its actually the same price as Mobitel but you wouldn’t be able to get the free data bundle which is on offer…

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