So, I bought a smart phone. Its a Huawei IDEOS X3 U8510 device and ,following my computer naming scheme, I named it “hal600”.

By that name, you’d already know that this devices’ processor’s speed is 600Mhz. You’d say that is very slow compared to many high end devices in the market.

But I wasn’t looking for the device with the best specifications, I was looking for the cheapest option that could fulfil my requirements, which are very low.

Don’t be surprised when I say I was even considering a Micromax phone. But I gave up the idea of that when I knew it is running an ancient version of the Android OS.

Then I was eyeing to Samsung Galaxy Y. I was almost ready to buy it when my friends in Facebook told me that Samsung Galaxy Y has a very small screen, when I posted my idea of buying that phone to the mentioned social network. According to my opinion, that is a great device and I’d have totally bought that if there wasn’t that screen size issue.

When I was searching online for an alternative, I found that Etisalat is offering this Huawei IDEOS X3 for 26k LKR, which is quite affordable to me. And the phone is not network locked. So I went to Etisalat’s agent in Matara and bought it.

The first device provided to me had an issue of not sending electricity to the battery. Guys at the Matara agency told me they would get me a replacement within 2 weeks. But thanks to me shouting at them ,I got the replacement within 4 days.

Back to the device, so far so good and I am happy with this. This can make calls, send texts plus this is an small PC as any smart phone should be. Surely this won’t be able to do any heavy work, but then I have hal2130 (my laptop PC) for that.

I wanted this to get into the smart phone world, try Android and make use of some Android apps that I’ve saw online, eg, the the Getglue app. And to checkin to placed I visit. Having a digital notepad is something I wanted since a long time, too.

I’m sure hal600 will help me with those tasks.

I’m writing this lying in my bed through the WordPress app for Android.

I’d love to know what my readers think about this, if there is such a species called “readers of budhajeewa’s blog”. I hope I’ll be able to post more often to this blog because of hal600.