News Stories I’m Sick Of

In Sri Lanka, most of the TV news telecasts tends to market people’s tears.


In Sri Lanka, most of the TV news telecasts tends to market people’s tears.

Many housewives who are obsessed with gossips are catered with these news items. They seem to get an awkward enjoyment seeing other’s tears and saying “Oh, look at that poor!”.

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  1. also in european TV culture, the tv novels/drama especially is an abundance of those situations.

  2. Well, this how they sell the news. Actually, it's one of 'effective' marketing method – news stations just borrowed tool to get a higher rating. Indirectly, they increased their advertising sales. Know the trick, don't bite.

  3. It is unfortunate how many news organization in every company market on people's tears and fears. Fear is the main context to control someone.

  4. And not only Sri Lanka. This type of activity of the Media also exists here in Europe.

  5. Ah, it is not so different in the US. Lots of sensationalism, not very many 'good news' stories..

  6. I know where you're coming from. I'm sick of those sort of stories too. I'm also sick of the stories that get dragged on and on and on over months time. That's a real shame that they don't have anything better to talk about.

  7. Some people do love to watch other people in pain. I think it is better when it is a story, and not real.

  8. It seems like the media in all parts of the world have become obsessed with reporting only very sad news. Case in point – the tragic and untimely death of Whitney Houston. It completely dominated the news even though there was so much good news about other happy things. In all fairness, the media only reports about the very sad news because that is what people wish to read about.

  9. Sadly this is how the news is portrayed everywhere. Happiness just doesn't seem to bring in the big advertising $$$$$.
    Show us a disaster and we flock to the tellie!

  10. That's the way of most TV news around the world, focus on the negative not the positives. Pain sells, hope doesn't.

  11. It seems like TV news here preys on people's fears…fear of crime, fear of illness, fear for their children.

  12. Well,that's the case all over the Globe! Standard of News Broadcast is touching it's New low Everyday!

  13. I worked in network TV news in the US, Europe + the Middle East, and I gotta tell you that this is a human thing, not just a Sri Lankan thing. There's something almost atavistic about the ability to peer into someone else's misfortune and get that frisson of "I'm better off than you are" – sad but very deeply human, I think.

  14. Not surprising at all. I used to travel a lot and watched TV in many countries… That's the trend which sells (same as sex.. 🙂 ) Unfortunately negative feelings call for more reactions…

  15. What most everyone else is getting at over here. Unfortunately, the negative sells. Whatever shocks, and keeps viewers engaged seems to be the name of the game. o.0

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