“Facebook Home” – Facebook’s “New Home on Android”.

Facebook announced “Facebook Home” their “new home on Android” on 4th April. No one productive will use it.

What is Facebook’s “new home on Android”?

Simply put, it’s a home screen replacement for Android devices, in which updates from Facebook dominates rather than your apps. This is the promotional video Facebook created for it.

This video from CNet will explain more about what the thing is.

Why no one productive will use “Facebook Home”?

I use my smartphone to be productive. I have a reminder on it, I read mails on it, I communicate using it. I am sure most of the smartphone users out there agrees with me. But as Facebook has envisioned it, we would use our smartphones primarily to find out what our “friends” on their social network are up to. Instead of quickly going to caller app or email app, we’ll have to look at some useless picture from someone unknown to you but you have “friended” on Facebook. Looking at updates from Facebook isn’t the ultimate reason for my existence, so why would I need my smartphone to show me pictures and status updates from that social network every time I take the phone out to make a call or to see what’s next in my todo list?

The phone would be a great tool for no one except Facebook. It may be hoping that people who are having a device with Facebook as it’s primary service would increase their activity on Facebook and in doing so provide more details about themselves to the social network, so that Facebook can sell those information for more ads. But even the heaviest social media user doesn’t contain himself to only Facebook. They use Google+, Twitter, and numerous other social networks. So let alone productive ones, even people who waste their time in front of a PC or on a mobile device using social networks all day long would not like to use a device that treats one social network dominantly.