A Set of Rules for Recreating a Person’s Consciousness in a Digital Medium

About a month ago, I found a link to a post in a blog of IEEE in HackerNews. It discussed about the possibility of recreating one’s consciousness in a digital medium, after their death. The topic fascinated me, and it lead me to think a bit about it. I felt that the topic is a […]

Docker Limit Concurrent Uploads and Downloads: For Unreliable Network Connections

By default, Docker opens up multiple upload or download connections, so that it can move multiple layers of images at a given time. This is a performance boost, when used with a reliable connection. But if your network connectivity is not so reliable, doing one thing at a time and waiting for it to succeed […]

Fixing not being able to log in to fresh MySQL installation on Ubuntu

If you did a fresh installation on a new Ubuntu (~18.04) version, you may find that it is not possible to log in to MySQL with its root user, unless you do so as Ubuntu’s root user. Here’s how to fix it:

Enabling Global MySQL Log in Ubuntu

If you use (You should!) MySQL Prepared Statements, you may not be able to see how the final MySQL queries looks like, within your application, with all the bindings put into place. This is how to view them:

Going with Defaults

Who makes most of their computing devices? A person who customizes the heck out of their hardware or software, or a person who uses their devices as delivered from the manufacturer? Although no one can use a device without no customization at all, I have recently started to prefer to use my operating systems and […]

Fix USB Drives after Using them as Startup Disks

A problem I have encountered every time I use a USB drive as a Startup Disk, is that their block size get changed, and even gparted reports that it can’t fix the that. The following command will fix that.

Enabling Bash Autocompletion in LXCs

Bash autocompletion is disabled inside LXCs by default. This is how to enable it.

මිනිසුන් ලෝකය ළඟදීම විනාශවේවි හෝ මහා ලොකු ඛේදවාචකයන්ට ගොදුරුවේවි යැයි සිතන්නේ ඇයි?

ලෝකය එන්න එන්නම විනාශ මුඛයට යනවා යැයි සිතීම ලෝකයේ බොහෝ සමාජයන් හි දක්නට ලැබෙනවා. මෙසේ සිතීමට හේතුව තමන් මියගියාට පසුව එන පරම්පාරවන්ට හිමි වන ලෝකය තමන් දැනට සිටින ලෝකයට වඩා හොඳ එකක් වන බව සිතීමට මිනිසුන් දක්වන මැලි කමයි.

Sri Lankan English Locale for Ubuntu (And other Linuxes)

Sinhala (si_LK) is the only locale available for Sri Lanka in Ubuntu OS. While the Sinhala locale is not bad in itself, displaying “රු” in currencies, “පෙ.ව” and “ප.ව.” and Sinhala month and date names are a distraction, specially in terminal where Sinhala unicode rendering is not that good.

I switched to Windows!?

In my previous post, I told the story of buying a new laptop [1]. I immediately burned an Ubuntu 16.04 ISO to a USB Flash Drive and began the installing process. I tried to install it several times, but it failed at the final stage of the installation process, saying that it failed to install […]