[Today I Learned] Insert and Update rows with MySQL “ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE”

You can use MySQL’s “ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE” to insert and update rows when your query faces a “Duplicate Key” error.

Features I don’t Use in My Smartphone

We don’t use all the features in our smartphones. Either we don’t need them or we don’t have time for that.

Following-up your own Tweets and Creating a Sensible Thread

We all have faced that moment when we need to add a little more to your last tweet, or comment on an earlier Tweet. Here we discuss how to do that!

[Rant] “I won’t use Google Hangouts, until it adds an invisible mode!” – Me

I am not using Google Hangouts because it doesn’t have an “Invisible Mode”. What did you do about it?

GnuCash – The Free and Easy Accounting Software

GnuCash is a cross-platform software which supports double-entry bookkeeping and removes the complexity of accounting for regular users.

FocusWriter – A Distraction Free Writing App for Ubuntu.

Although I am not a full time writer, I have maintained couple of blogs for the past few years. All of them were WordPress based ones – May be Blogger is the only Google service I am not using! – and I have only written my posts at the WordPress admin panel, except for few occasions. […]

Identity Spoofing and How to Protect Yourself from It.

Identity spoofing is the act of someone or an organization sending messages to one or more people (”victims”), appearing as a third party. This third party is most often a trusted person or an organization to the victims, making the victims believe that the content of the message is true and correct. But most of […]

Texts From Your Contacts May Actually be Not From Them!

Beware that there are ways to send text messages, making them appear as they were sent from someone else’ number!

Samsung Smart Camera WB200F – A Newbie’s Thoughts

Thoughts about Samsung Smart Camera WB200F, from a newbie into taking photos with a digital camera, who previously only shooted with smartphones.

Put Your Android App Icons into Folders Now and Save Time!

I recently thought to put my App icons into folders in app drawer on my Android phone, and it has made life easier, and saved me lot of time.