Put Your Android App Icons into Folders Now and Save Time!

I recently thought to put my App icons into folders in app drawer on my Android phone, and it has made life easier, and saved me lot of time.

App Drawer Folders

I have been using Android for about two years now, and for most of the time I have used launcher replacements that didn’t allow creation of folder in the app drawer. Although I regularly use lot of apps and willingly try out number of new apps, I didn’t feel the need of creating folders in app drawer to organize those app icons because I browsing through five or six drawer pages were the norm to me. I sometime had to go through all the drawer pages two or three times to find the app I was looking for.

But it didn’t hit me until recently, that I should organize the mess and put all those apps in folders.

I was using the free version of Apex Launcher and it didn’t have the option to create folders in the app drawer. So I tried several launcher replacements only to find out none of them matched my tastes. So I decided to buy the paid version of Apex Launcher.

Maybe you’re using another launcher replacement, or even the default launcher you got when you bought the device. Most of them are likely to have the option to create folders in the app drawer, at least in their paid versions. If they don’t, rethink your choice.

To create folder, you may either have to drag apps on top of each other, or create folder by menu and then add apps into them. However your launcher of choice does it, you should create folders for the genres of apps you have installed (Like “Communication”, “Finance”, and “Media”.), or you can create folder based on the frequency of their usage (Like “Everyday”, and “Rarely”).

I think the first method makes more sense and that is what I have done with my phone. The image you saw at the beginning of the post is an screenshot of the app drawer of my phone. I now only have one drawer page, and every app is put into folders.

Except, “Pudding Monsters, the game I am playing these days. I would have put in inside a folder named “Games”, but Appex Lanucher doesn’t allow the creation of folders with just one app inside it, you must at least have two of them. So as I don’t have any other game except “Pudding Monsters”, it has to be left in open.

Anyway, I no longer have to look for an app in many drawer pages. I can access any app in three touches (Touch app drawer icon in home screen, touch the right folder, and finally the app!). I have never opened a wrong folder looking for some app, because I know exactly to which folder the app I am looking for belongs.

All these factors have helped me save lot of time I spent looking for apps, and I love the organized nature and the easiness of finding something.

What do you think? Are you a fan of app folders like me? What launcher do you use and does it support folders? Tell me what you think in the comments. I’d love to hear from all you guys. πŸ™‚

37 responses to “Put Your Android App Icons into Folders Now and Save Time!”

  1. Thanks for this great advice, I’ve only recently started using android and have never thought of using the app folder to access my apps more efficiently.. Will have to start doing this once I have a few more apps on my phone!! I do really like Android Jelly Bean I must say πŸ™‚

    • Its worth noting if your going for an android device running version 4.0 + that folders are part of the system, allowing you to drop in your favourite apps into a neat filing system

  2. Great info. I’ve had an Android for about a year, love it. Hadn’t thought of organizing into folders. I’ve got a lot of apps. This will be very helpful. Thanks!

  3. why i cant do that to my android, i cant drag apps on to each other. i only can press it but before i can drag it, it always appear to the homescreen, help pls πŸ™

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