[dropcap style=’default’]I[/dropcap] am no expert in photography, I only shot photos with my smartphones, and most of them can be found in my Instagram profile. I have taken photos of various events I took part in, and they are stored safely in my external HDD. I am very sure that no one would find them “artistic”. 🙂

We’re getting ready for the annual trip of our office, and one of my colleagues – called Sandun, who is going to start his own websites named http://runtimehint.com/. Good luck with your website mate! 🙂 – who too didn’t own a camera yet, suggested me that we should buy cameras, so that we can take better photos at our trip, rather than with our smartphones like we did last time. We searched for local electronic stores for a good one, and “Samsung Smart Camera WB200F” looked like a good deal. So we went to Panadura branch of Singer Mega and bought two cameras with 12 months installment payments on my HNB Credit Card.

Samsung Smart Camera WB200F

This is my first camera, but I have used and shooted with several cameras of my friends. So catching up with the device was easy, and the “tool tip” function of this camera made it easier to understand something that was rather less intuitive.

This camera can produce 14MP photos, and can zoom up to 18X in optical zooming mode and from there digital zooming up to 36X.

One of the main marketing points of this device – and the “Smart Camera” line, I assume – is this camera’s ability to connect to WiFi network. After connecting, you can transfer your photos wirelessly to a computer in the same network, or you can control the camera from your smartphone. You also get the ability to directly upload your photos to Facebook and other social networks. I tried doing so few times, but it failed. I am not sure whether it is a fault in the camera or my WiFi network.

The biggest downside I found in the photos taken from this camera, is that it doesn’t display edges of objects sharp enough. Edges are always blurred. You can reduce the blurriness if you reduced the number of Mega Pixels, but I don’t think that’s a good trade off because you won’t notice the blurriness unless you zoom your images to their exact size. Photos you take in 14 MP mode is too big to be displayed in actual size in most monitors, and you can’t notice the blurriness there.

Some Photos taken with Samsung Smart Camera WB200F

Photo taken with Samsung Smart Camera WB200F.

Photo taken with Samsung Smart Camera WB200F.

Photo taken with Samsung Smart Camera WB200F.

Photo taken with Samsung Smart Camera WB200F.

Photo taken with Samsung Smart Camera WB200F.

Photo taken with Samsung Smart Camera WB200F.

Photo taken with Samsung Smart Camera WB200F.

Photo taken with Samsung Smart Camera WB200F.

Taking Pictures.

Samsung Smart Camera WB200F offers features to take pictures in various modes:

  • Smart Auto.
  • Program.
  • ASM
  • Smart
  • Panorama

In “Smart Auto”, the camera decides and does everything for you. Only thing you have to do is “point and shoot”. In this mode camera calculates lighting conditions and automatically adjust aperture and shutter speed to best match the environment.

In “Program”, you have the ability to decide the Exposure Value (EV), and the camera does the rest of the work.

In “ASM”, you can either manually adjust aperture (“A”) and shutter speed automatically changes to match that, or manually adjust shutter speed (“S”) and aperture adjusts to match that, or you can manually (“M”) adjust both of them. This mode allows your inner artistic photographer to work his magic.

“Smart” mode has some presets such as “Beauty Face”, “Landscape”, and “Macro” so that the camera adjust its settings to best match the seleted situation.

Last one is a surprise, “Panorama” mode can take… panoramic pictures. 😛

The camera also offers options for various fun applications of photos like “Magic Frame” and “Split Shot”, which lets you take photo inside photo and take two photos half by half. Just fun stuff, no real value.

Final Thoughts

Samsung Smart Camera WB200F is a good point-and-shoot device to capture your life events. I’d recommend this to anyone, also mentioning the blurriness issue.