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  • මගේ වර්ල්ඩ්කප් චියර් කිරීම

    මැච් එකක් බලද්දී නිකං අම්පයර්ස්ල වගේ එහෙටත් නැතුව මෙහෙටත් නැතුව බලනකොට කිසි කික් එකක් නෑ. ඒ නිසා එදා වේල මැච් එක ෂේප් කරගන්න කාට හරි චියර් කරනවා. දැං මේ ලියන්න හදන්නෙ මම කොහොමද එහෙම චියර් කරන කණ්ඩායම තෝරගන්නේ කියන එක.

  • ICC Cricket World Cup 2011; Making it the “Social World Cup” – Express Yourself!

    Specially, “Social World Cup” here means bringing the influence of cricket fever to the cyber world, as cricket world cup fever is socially spreaded enough already in Indian sub-continent, I guess other major cricketing nations are the same. So, according to Amitha – and your common sense – Internet and it’s media have spreaded all over the world now than ever, even in this Indian sub-continent where cricket is almost a religion. So, when we take these facts together, we see the best opportunity for ICC CWC2011 to be the first ever “Social World Cup”.

  • “Play for the Game” – and why it is waaay better than “De Ghuma Ke”

    I’m writing this up to bring you the nice piece of music BanglaYouth came up for the CWC2011. “De Ghuma Ke” – the official theme song of CWC2011, that Shankar-Ehsan-Loy trio made – , what ever they say in ICC’s and many Indian websites, don’t seem to gather any significant fan attraction. Even Indians I met through various social networks believe that the song is bullshit. I can’t believe that a country with Bollywood inside it made such a poor theme song for a international sporting event.