GnuCash – The Free and Easy Accounting Software

GnuCash is a cross-platform software which supports double-entry bookkeeping and removes the complexity of accounting for regular users.

I and one of my colleagues at Sanmark Solutions started a little side business couple of weeks ago. We immediately ran into the problem of managing and keeping track of money we put into that business and we spent for various things. Neither of us knew anything about accounting. So we clearly needed the help of a software, that would make it easier to handle it all for us. Continue reading “GnuCash – The Free and Easy Accounting Software”

WebIssues: Easier Issue Tracking

When we started developing software systems at Sanmark Solutions, we always felt the need to have a proper issue tracking system. So I read about, downloaded, installed and tested many of the well reputed issue tracking systems such as BugZilla, MantisBT and few others. But finally WebIssues was the solution! Continue reading “WebIssues: Easier Issue Tracking”

2012 In Review

I think it’s time for me to restart blogging again. Not that I have a huge reader base eagerly waiting to consume stuff that I might put in my blog, rather I should restart it for the purpose of sharing what I learn, that I think would be needed by me again at some pant in the future. Anyway, I feel it’s a kind of thing one might do in a January.

I think this is a good opportunity to review my 2012. I’m just writing these things without really considering about the order they happened. Continue reading “2012 In Review”