How to freely and properly store your photos in Google Drive

It has been quite a time since Google allowed us to store our photos in Google Photos for free. They recently increased the size of the photos that can be stored for free to 16 Mega Pixels. When they announced that, I decided to back up all my photos to Google Photos.

The best thing about uploading photos to Google Photos is that you actually get two ways to manage your photos; and I really like that. When you upload photos to Google Photos, you can add those uploaded photos in to “Albums” — In which you can store up to 2,000 photos. There’s no limit to the amount of Albums that can be created. — and look at the photos at your leisure. But that’s not the coolest trick Google got up their sleeve. All the photos that are uploaded to Google Photos will appear in your Google Drive account! You get to view your photos as files in Google Drive and you can do anything with them. And those photos do not consume your Google Drive space (As long as they are below 16 MPs.)! It’s really like uploading your photos directly to Google Drive for backing up; only that Google do not count their file size against your Google Drive space quota. How cool is that?! Continue reading “How to freely and properly store your photos in Google Drive”