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  • Mobitel, double check your printed material OR educate employees about your products!

    Remember the time I wrote about how Mobitel won’t tell me the correct details about Plum Switch, instead their Matara branch, twitter account and customer care told me different things? Well, sadly, that time of the year has come again! Without any ado, here’s the email I sent to info@mobitel.lk:

  • Plum Switch – The All-in-One Internet Access Point

    Are you a heavy Internet user with multiple devices, who can’t use a wireless router because you’re often moving or residing in some other place than where your fixed Internet connection is? Do you have to buy and maintain several mobile Internet connection because you can’t use a single connection for multiple devices at the […]

  • @MobitelSriLanka – The Polycephalic

    The Plum Switch (http://www.plum-mobile.com/models/switch) is a great mobile phone + USB dongle + WiFI hotspot and Mobitel sells it here in Sri Lanka. I wanted to buy one and contacted @MobitelSriLanka in Twitter. After a long conversation I found out that it is network unlocked and available for 9,990LKR.

  • [Telecommunication] මොබිටෙල් ගේ “ඉස්පෑමිං පැසිලිටිය”!

    මොබිටෙල්ලා කරන අන්තිම ජරා වැඩක් තමයි සාමාන්‍ය දුරකතන අංක වලින් ඇමතුම් දීලා ඒ අයගේ වෙළඳ ප්‍රචාරක බලෙංම අපිට අහන්න සලස්වන එක. සිංහලෙක් කියනවනං “ස්පෑම්” කරන එක. හැබැයි මොබිටෙල්ලා ඒක ගැන හිතං ඉන්නේ ඒක අපිට කරදරයක් නෙවෙයි පහසුකමක් කියලා!