Samsung Smart Camera WB200F – A Newbie’s Thoughts

Thoughts about Samsung Smart Camera WB200F, from a newbie into taking photos with a digital camera, who previously only shooted with smartphones.

[dropcap style=’default’]I[/dropcap] am no expert in photography, I only shot photos with my smartphones, and most of them can be found in my Instagram profile. I have taken photos of various events I took part in, and they are stored safely in my external HDD. I am very sure that no one would find them “artistic”. 🙂 Continue reading “Samsung Smart Camera WB200F – A Newbie’s Thoughts”

2012 In Review

I think it’s time for me to restart blogging again. Not that I have a huge reader base eagerly waiting to consume stuff that I might put in my blog, rather I should restart it for the purpose of sharing what I learn, that I think would be needed by me again at some pant in the future. Anyway, I feel it’s a kind of thing one might do in a January.

I think this is a good opportunity to review my 2012. I’m just writing these things without really considering about the order they happened. Continue reading “2012 In Review”