Today, Praboda, a friend and a colleague of mine at showed me a text message in his mobile. Everything was normal except it’s sender, who was me!

The message was sent from my mobile number, but the strange thing was that my phone was in my pocket whole time and I don’t think he or someone else was able to find out my phone’s unlock code. I was genuinely worried not knowing what was going on – has someone cloned my SIM or something?

But then he revealed his secret. He had discovered a website which allows you to send text messages for free – well, at least for now – setting any number as the sender’s number. All you have to do is select among the countries the one you want the message to appear sent from, type in the receiver’s – or rather “victim’s” – mobile number, write the message you need sent, and hit “Send”.

The website Praboda found was “—removed—“, but there may be numerous other out there. It is okay to have a little fun tricking your friends, but keep in mind that fooling people is not a good thing! Also keep in mind that texts you believe are sent from certain mobile number, may actually not be from it.

Here is a test message I sent to myself, setting “+94123456789” as the sender’s address:

A message sent with someone else' number as sent number.
A message sent with someone else’ number as sent number.

So, if you get some “out of normal” or “out of context” message from a friend of yours, or you receive something suspicious from an unknown number, be sure to call your friend and verify before getting angry, upset or rejoicing. If it’s from an unknown number, it’s better to ignore it.