Webcasting of “Battle of Two Cities 2011” and the birth of “RahulaTV”!

It is not so often we publish story type of articles in The Official Website of Rahula College. But things are evolving. In Rahula College, we are taking steps forward for an endless journey towards the greatness day-by-day. This is the story about the birth of “RahulaTV”, yet another venture of Rahula College, the great! The origin of RahulaTV is so bonded with “Battle of Two Cities“, our annual cricket big match with St. Aloysius’ College of Galle. We’ll have to go back few years to get the story to the start.

The Official Website of Rahula College was established in the year of 2003, foundation stones for the “Battle of Two Cities” were laid in the same year and The First Battle was fought in 2004.

inThe Founding Brothers of “Team|RCMweb”, as the official team of The College responsible for Internet Operations, decided that The Team should take steps to get the news of The Battle to Old Boys and Well-wishers living in other countries through the newly founded Official Website of The College. And so, it marked the start of Live Score Update of “Battle of Two Cities” done by the Team|RCMweb.

In the beginning of the the 21st Century’s first decade, mobile Internet connections were never commonly available to the public, yet The Founding Brothers managed to fulfill the expectations of spectators, who weren’t able to visit the ground to take part in the action for themselves. For seven years, The Team continued updating the score as text, although evolving and making the quality of the score update better and better.

All these years, Team|RCMweb had a bigger plan inside their courageous minds; The Team wanted to take a leap – not a step – forward; The Team wanted to allow spectators who weren’t able to come to the Battle to see it in action; The Team wanted to webcast the Live Video of the “Battle of Two Cities”.

That was a little spark. The Team realized that the same spark had been lightened in some other places already. Rahulians can’t satisfy themselves by doing something that is already done by others. They wanted a big fire, they couldn’t satisfy with the spark. So the idea of Live Streaming the “Battle of Two Cities” shifted to a higher level. The Team|RCMweb wanted a permanent web TV channel for Mother Rahula, the great! The good environment has been set for this to start in the year of 2011, thus the “RahulaTV” was born!

RahulaTV will consider Live Streaming major events of The College to the entire world through Internet it’s main objective.

Being a part of Team|RCMweb, it’ll enjoy the creative and high-tech participation of The College’s most tech-savvy students and teachers’ support.

The Principal of The College Mr. Nimal Dissanayaka gave the best support to materialize the idea of “RahulaTV”. Mr. V.V. Dharmawardana, Mr. Janaka Prasanna as Teachers-in-Charge of Team|RCMweb and Mrs. Pushparani Hettiarachchi as the Teacher-in-Charge of Internet Operations, were always helping the guys of Team|RCMweb to make the start of RahulaTV.

We should not forget the guys who did the heavy work and made RahulaTV a success.

Iroshan Kulathunga, although he is not a student now, being a former leader of the Team|RCM, he couldn’t resist his temptation to put his force to push RahulaTV into a real thing. From the start of the idea, he was always there actively taking part in the process.

Udith Shan, who finished his ALs last year and could really enjoy only by watching the match, is a character that never can be forgotten when ever Team|RCMweb works for any project. He is a must ingredient.

Roshan Ranjith, was the magnificent eye behind the camera of RahulaTV. Although he is still a student, his camera movements and tricks were more than professional.

Kavindu Buddhika, Sashen Pasindu and Ashan Sanjeewa took the responsibility of gathering the hardware required, checking them, scoring and virtually everything. RahulaTV would just be a plan without them.

Ashen Lankathilaka, Akila Ariyathilaka, Nadun Darshana and Dinitha Nadeesha played very important roles of RahulaTV, being the first presenters of RahulaTV. Commentating a live cricket match is never an easy job, but they made it appear so!

Sithija Sahan, Thambaru Wijesekara and Supun Budhajeewa, being members of Team|RCMweb, did a great job co-ordinating RahulaTV and doing every this and that to make it happen. Spreading the word of “Battle of Two Cities 2011″‘s Live Stream and the RahulaTV through The College’s Internet profiles, they got many viewers to watch the Live Stream.

It has been a great job of team work that marked the start of RahulaTV.

May Rahula Live Long!

Note: Above is a article written for The Official Website of Rahula College by me, for the start of RahulaTV. Read the original article at http://rahulacollege.org/featured/webcasting-of-battle-of-two-cities-2011-and-the-birth-of-rahulatv/

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  1. It is impressive to read about the endless journey that Rahula College is taking towards ultimate greatness. It sounds like a lot of sweat, blood and dedication from an amazing group of people who are all working together in a team effort to make Rahula College the best that it can be. It is also fascinating to read about the birth of “RahulaTV” which is just another amazing and great venture of Rahula College. Rahula college is becoming a major force to be reckoned with. RahulaTV will be one of the best TV stations the world has seen. Thank you for sharing this amazing journey. I am in awe that a cricket match, which seems very complicated was presented on RahulaTV. Congratulations for all the hard work and achievements which have been accomplished.

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