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  • [Advice] How to remain safe with friend requests from unknown people in Facebook?

    In a previous post in this blog – called “Why Twitter is for finding new friends and Facebook is for keeping-up with them” – I told you that you shouldn’t go looking for “friends” through Facebook, as you are risking your sensitive information posted to your Facebook profile with every person you add as a friend in Facebook. But there going to be people who are requesting to add you as a friend in Facebook. You can’t tell whether they are just “collecting friends” randomly, or really intended to connect with you. Obviously you can’t – and you shouldn’t – ignore all the friend requests you are getting. Regardless of whether you wanted to add a person as a friend or s/he wanted to add you, s/he can view all of your publicly posted information in your Facebook profiles, and your other friends’ information in some cases (if those friends are allowing their information to be viewed by friends of friends.). So, how to remain safe with friend requests from unknown people in Facebook?

  • Binging the Google

    Google has been the most innovative company out there in the web-sphere for a quite long time. But ts true that even Google may have some things to learn from others, but, when doing so, Google has been very reasonable until now. This time Google has made a step that – at least for me – looks very unagreeable, which is giving users the option to choose background images in Google Search main page!!!

  • IT Day of ST.Mary’s convent 2008.

    There was a IT Day organized as a A/L project of a group of ST.Mary’s students. From Rahula College, I and the Team|RCM Web (2007-2008) with 3 student of grade 10 visited there to participate at the events. I faced to “Essay writing” and my topic was “How to use the Internet for the development […]