I Said Goodbye to AnyDO for Google Inbox

I have been using AnyDO since more than a year to plan my tasks. I infact wrote an article in TechDome encouraging others to start using it. Recently, AnyDO introduced a paid plan for their service — with which I am totally cool. I don’t care about paid plans, as long as the free option is enough for me […]

Installing GitLab in your local network or your own PC and setting it up to work perfectly

GitLab is a self hosted GitHub like software. Here I offer you my personal experience in installing and configuring it to work perfectly in a local network.

Will the blogging platform “Ghost” be successful?

“Ghost” is a new blogging platform that intends to be “just a blogging platform”; no more – no less. But will it be successful with it’s many constraints?

[Today I Learned] Insert and Update rows with MySQL “ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE”

You can use MySQL’s “ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE” to insert and update rows when your query faces a “Duplicate Key” error.

Features I don’t Use in My Smartphone

We don’t use all the features in our smartphones. Either we don’t need them or we don’t have time for that.

Following-up your own Tweets and Creating a Sensible Thread

We all have faced that moment when we need to add a little more to your last tweet, or comment on an earlier Tweet. Here we discuss how to do that!

[Rant] “I won’t use Google Hangouts, until it adds an invisible mode!” – Me

I am not using Google Hangouts because it doesn’t have an “Invisible Mode”. What did you do about it?

GnuCash – The Free and Easy Accounting Software

GnuCash is a cross-platform software which supports double-entry bookkeeping and removes the complexity of accounting for regular users.

FocusWriter – A Distraction Free Writing App for Ubuntu.

Although I am not a full time writer, I have maintained couple of blogs for the past few years. All of them were WordPress based ones – May be Blogger is the only Google service I am not using! – and I have only written my posts at the WordPress admin panel, except for few occasions. […]

Identity Spoofing and How to Protect Yourself from It.

Identity spoofing is the act of someone or an organization sending messages to one or more people (”victims”), appearing as a third party. This third party is most often a trusted person or an organization to the victims, making the victims believe that the content of the message is true and correct. But most of […]